St Agnes’ is a small school with a vibrant community.

Linking with the home is important for all years of schooling, but particularly in the early years. There is a strong body of research to show that when parents, care-givers and the community are supportive of the work of the school and involved in its activities, students make greater progress.

Some examples of these connections are:

  • Liturgies
  • Excursions
  • Classroom helpers and involvement in many programs
  • St Agnes’ Education Board
  • Parents and Friends Association
  • Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day stalls
  • Family Week activities
  • Welcome nights
  • Social events
  • Orientation programs
  • Friday BBQ’s after school
  • Playgroup
  • Book Week
  • Special dress up days and fun lunches
  • Assemblies
  • Working Bee
  • Connections with kindergartens and Catholic secondary schools
  • Connections with community groups

We have many extra-curricular activities at St Agnes’. Some examples are:

  • St Agnes’ choir
  • Twilight sports
  • Optional tennis lessons
  • Instrumental Music lesson options
  • Jog the Block running club
  • School concert
  • Public speaking course (seniors)
  • School camps
  • Italian Day