Mission Statement

St Agnes’ Mission Statement:

St Agnes’ Primary School is a community committed to the provision of an education for all children, providing a safe learning environment, which guides their spiritual, academic, social, emotional and physical development through a balanced and faith filled curriculum, where Christ is the central focus.

St Agnes’ Education in Faith mission:

We strive to provide opportunities for all grow in their relationship with God through many faith experiences. We endeavour to nurture the children’s ability to communicate with God through prayer and provide opportunities to participate in the Sacred Liturgy of the Catholic Church. We value a Christian way of living that promotes a commitment to respect, justice and Christian action.

St Agnes’ Teaching and Learning mission:

We are engaged in the provision of a complete, rich and diverse curriculum which acknowledges that all students are entitled to the opportunity to reach their full potential and remain lifelong learners.

St Agnes’ Wellbeing mission:

We value each member of our St Agnes’ community for their uniqueness as an individual and endeavour to support their talents and needs. We are committed to creating a learning environment which embraces each member of our community and encourages them to reach their full potential.

St Agnes’ Community mission:

We value a strong sense of community and encourage full involvement of parents, students, the parish and staff in the life of the school. We strive to create authentic links with our local and global community. We endeavour to foster an inclusive environment which values and respects diversity and equity.

St Agnes’ Leadership and Management mission: 

We are committed to supporting and fostering the professional development of all staff members to ensure a collaborative, contemporary and faith enriched learning environment for all our students