At St Agnes’ School we recognise that in fulfilling the needs of students within our care it remains our objective and professional responsibility to keep abreast of curriculum innovation and current educational thought which we then convert to practice within the context of our school. In this way we can well equip our students to meet the challenges of the future.

Educational Outcomes

At St Agnes' School we aim to support each of our students in the achievement of the following outcomes:

  • To learn about, experience and practice our faith.
  • To be a lifelong learner
  • To develop a sense of belonging, individual talents and global responsibility
  • To become effective participators in society understanding that liberties granted are
    balanced with corresponding responsibilities
  • To develop high social interest; possessing a willingness to cooperate and an ability to
    contribute as the situation requires
  • To develop self discipline; an awareness of, and responsibility for, one's own choices.
  • To be literate
  • To be numerate
  • To work independently and interdependently
  • To develop the skills for cooperative team work and the ability to exchange ideas with
  • To develop resiliency, confidence and a valuing of self
  • To model mutual respect and valuing of individuality\
  • To develop lifestyle habits which contribute to a healthy mind and body
  • To practice respect for the environment
  • To think critically and imaginatively
  • To be reliable
  • To be effective problem solvers
  • To be flexible and adaptable to deal with uncertainties
  • To be creative and innovative risk takers; open to possibilities
  • To have a vision, set goals and plan steps toward their achievement
  • To use new tools of information and knowledge management technologies
  • To develop the ability to self reflect
  • To learn how to learn